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Takeda, the department head is polite and kind. But suddenly the Shinkansen train had to stop because the electrical system was broken, Karen and the manager were forced to rent a hotel and stay here. Because she couldn't go home, her partner continued to get drunk, causing Karen to fall asleep and have Takeda drive her to the hotel. Her boyfriend was very upset and called, but whoever answered Takeda's call, he was even more tired. Returning to the hotel and seeing that Takeda will never leave, he tells her to find out there is only one room, so the room is with her tonight. Knowing something was wrong, before she could do anything, the manager rushed in to fuck her and ejaculated all over her. After he finished, he slapped her again and again without stopping. Being naked touches a deep place that the lover cannot reach, the pleasure of continuously being kissed, slowly makes the man forget everything.

Cum filled her slutty girlfriend's pussy

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